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Producer – Cinematographer – Editor


Posted by pete On March - 25 - 2009


Pete Brown is a remarkably versatile media arts professional having experience in pre-production, production and post and has worked in pre-production, production, or post-production on over 500 projects.
His commercial production experience, commercial package creation, client interaction including communication with clients and teams.
His experience includes projects with major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, FOX, and WETV including episodic television, film production and live broadcasts.
He has extensive knowledge of cameras including Digital Cinema, DSLR and ENG style cameras.
Pete owns and/or is proficient with post-production software such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe CC including Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, Apple Certification in Final Cut and cloud applications such as Forscene.
As a video editor for over a decade and Pete has honed his craft and his understanding of structure and the importance of story while broadening his experience through all aspects of media; feature length narrative films, commercials, and even animation.
Editing for film and television helped Pete develop a well-rounded perspective. Employers have come to appreciate that he is able to maintain creativity and speed while working under pressure to meet tight deadlines. From rough cut to online editing, including title design and color grading, he possesses a compelling ability to create visual presence based on true understanding of client preferences.

Selected credits:

Film Credits:
Deadly Sanctuary(2015)(editor)
A Horse For Summer(2014)(editor)
Grace Unplugged(2013)(Avid DS, data operator)
Finding Bliss(2012)(editor)
Finding Home(2008)(editor)

Television Credits:
Dancing Fools(2013)(Avid Symphony VFX)
Annoying Orange(2013)(AE & VFX)
Best Friends(2012)(editor)
Streamy Awards(2009)(editor)
Heart To Heart season 1&2(2005-2007)(editor)
Kitchen Nutrition(2006-2007)(editor)

Disneyland Dream Home Giveaway(2012)(editor)
Mohave Realtors(2005)(editor)
Alive FM(2006)(editor)
Tonga: for the King(1999)(assistant editor)

Behind Betty White for Life Alert(2010)(editor)
Passion for Purpose(2009)(editor)
Behind the Scenes of Stained(2008)(editor)

Corporate/ Sports:
Air Chair: 101 Training(2007)(editor)
Tennis Channel- Racquetball Championships(2007)(Editor)

Pete has worked in camera department for hundreds of productions and has commercial production experience, has worked with major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, FOX, and WETV in episodic and reality TV production, live production, news gathering and has extensive film production experience.
He has extensive knowledge of cameras, including Red, Arri, Panasonic, Sony XD-Cam, HDSLR, 35mm, 16mm, and other formats.



Trained to analyze the story as a whole and conceptualized the production’s visual approach. Employs advanced lighting design and camera placement/movement techniques.
Knows how to properly compose the frame for each shot, apply the technical and creative aspects of light, lenses, film, filters,and camera settings in order to achieve effects required.

Film credits:

Deadly Sanctuary (2015) (Director of Photography)
A Horse For Summer (2015) (Director of Photography)
Connectivity (2010) (cinematographer)
Delusion (2010) (cinematographer)
Great Oaks (2009) (cinematographer)
Five Hour Film Series (4) (2005-2006) (cinematographer)

Annoying Orange (2013) (2nd unit Director of Photography) (camera operator)
Best Friends – (2012) (cinematographer)
Heart To Heart With Marilyn season 1 (2005-2006) (director of photography)
Heart To Heart With Marilyn season 2 (2005-2006) (director of photography

Union Mission (2010) (cinematographer)
Passion for Purpose (2009) (cinematographer)

Corporate / Sports:
Air Chair: 101 Training (2007) (cinematographer)

Taylor Morrison Disneyland Dream Home Giveaway (2012) (Director of Photography)
Catch The Flavor (2009) (cinematographer: second unit)
Chapman University (2010) (cinematographer: second unit)

Music Video:
Quest Crew 3-D (2010) (producer) (3-D cinematographer)

Pete has operated cameras for scripted and unscripted television, commercials and films as well as corporate video production and news gathering.

Film Camera Credits:
Foo Fighters Documentary (2011) [Academy Award winner James Moll, director] (remote camera operator)
Five Hour Film Series (4) (2005-2006) (camera operator)
Nesting (2010) (camera operator/crane operator)
Daybreak (2010) (camera operator)
Gawd (2010) (Segway Steadicam operator) (camera operator)
Prison Escape Project (2010) (camera operator)
Do Not Disturb (2010) (assistant camera)
Silverlake Video: The Movie (2010) (assistant camera, camera operator)
A Little Step (2009) (camera operator)
Gothic Tale (2009) (camera operator)
Liv (2009) (camera/crane operator)
Stained (2008) (camera operator)
Yellow Brook (2009) (camera operator)

Annoying Orange (2013) (camera operator)
Anime conversion pilot (2011) [untitled] (camera operator)
Parent Talk (2010) (camera operator)
Streamy Awards (2009) (camera operator)
Raising Sextuplets (TV series) (2009) (camera operator)
The Dream Maker (2008) (camera operator) (Steadicam operator Evening News K25AL (2007) (camera operator)
River Life – News and events along the Colorado (2007) (camera operator)
Starz Hollywood Reporter (2006) (camera operator)

Local news
(2004) 27EC LHC, AZ (ENG camera operator)
(2005) 25HD, Laughlin, NV (studio camera operator)

Holly Rollers (2011) (camera operator)
Betty White for Life Alert BTS (2010) (camera operator)
Guided (2009) (camera operator)
Behind the Scenes of Stained (2008) (camera operator)

Corporate / Sports:
Microsoft Imagine Cup (2008) (camera operator
Rick Russell s Off Highway Adventure Series (2007) (camera operator)
Air Chair: 101 Training (2007) (camera operator)

Taylor Morrison Disneyland Dream Home Giveaway (2012) (camera operator)
Betty White for Life Alert (2010) (camera operator: b camera
Chapman University (2010) (cinematographer: second unit) (camera operator) (crane operator)
Mohave Realtors (2005) (camera operator)
Tonga: for the King (1999) (camera operator)

Music Videos:
Pit Bull & Marc Anthony, Cypress Hill,(2010) (camera operator)
Mashup Dance Crew (2010) (camera operator) (crane operator)
Joey McIntyre: Here We Go Again (2009) (camera operator)
Nellie at Red Rock (2008) (camera operator)



Photography from light aircraft, helicopter or drone

(A Hose For Summer) (DP)

Television credits:
Raising Sextuplets (2009) (aerial photographer)

Views of Havasu (2005) (aerial photographer)



Assembled and operated many different kinds of jibs. Operated pan, tilt, zoom and sometimes focus simultaneously while maintaining the composition of moving shots.

Film credits:
A Horse For Summer (2015) (jib operator)
Nesting (2010) (crane operator)
Pit Bull & Marc Anthony, Cypress Hill,(2010) (jib operator)
Gawd (2010) (Segway Steadicam operator) (camera operator) (crane operator)
Liv (2009) (crane operator)
Gothic Tale (2009) (crane operator)
Liv (2009) (camera/crane operator)
Stained (2008) (crane operator)
Yellow Brook (2009) (crane operator)
WWE Royal Rumble (TV movie) (2008) (jib operator)
Pilates: Training the Trainers (2007) (jib operator)

Sony anime conversion pilot (2011) [untitled] (camera operator) (crane operator)
Raising Sextuplets (2009) (Steadicam operator) (crane operator

Hollywood Holocaust Memorial Documentary (2010) (jib operator)
Michael Jackson’s Thriller World Record (2009) (jib operator)

Chapman University (2010) (crane operator)
Doritos (2008) (jib operator)

Music Video:
Grace Unplugged film theme song (2013) (crane operator)
Cypress Hill, Pitbull & Marc Anthony (2010 (crane operator) (camera operator)
Mashup Dance Crew (2010) (camera operator) (crane operator)




Deadly Sanctuary (2015) (Steadicam operator)
A Horse For Summer (2015) (Steadicam operator)
Delusion (2010) (Steadicam operator)
Gawd (2010) (Segway Steadicam operator)
Great Oaks (2009) (Steadicam operator)

Best Friends – Season 1 (2012) (Steadicam operator)
Kitchen Nutrition (2006) (Steadicam operator)

Taylor Morrison Disneyland Dream Home Giveaway (2012) (Steadicam operator)
Heart to Heart Promo (2006) (Steadicam operator)

168 Film Project BTS (2013) (Steadicam operator)
Hollywood Holocaust Memorial Documentary (2010)
Holy Rollers (2011) (Steadicam operator)



Active member of the SOC (Society of Camera Operators)
Apple Certified Final Cut Pro Editor
Film Festival Head Juror



Lighting Production Workshops
One-day lighting workshop
Suitable for beginner to intermediate level cinematographers, or anyone who wants to learn Final Cut Pro

Filmmaking Camp – Youth filmmaking immersion experience
Taught storyboarding through production and editing

Five Hour Film Boot Camp Instructor
Two-day production workshop that covered pre thru post-production

Adjunct Instructor at the MCC Video Production Program
Film production workshop that covered the spectrum and provided hands-on experience to students




Ronald V.
“I can’t say enough about Pete Brown. He is always a gentleman and a scholar. He never gets raddled or tired. He pays attention to every detail and quietly and professionally gets the job done. He is on top of his craft and a pleasure to work with.”

Igor R.
“There are many talented and creative people in Hollywood, but few are as fun to work with as Pete. He brings the expertise and the right attitude which is important if you want your crew to be a winning team.”

David F.
“Besides being one of the most personable fellows, Pete is a solid pro and is always right on the money with his ideas and skills. He is a plus to any project or production lucky enough to get him.”

Christopher C.
“Pete operated for me on a short film – he had a great attitude, did great work, and was a pleasure to have on set. Three qualities I look for in all my crew.”

Becky B.
“He wore multiple hats which included producing, shooting, editing and even marketing my healthy cooking show. His patience makes him easy to work with under tight deadlines. His creativity never ceases to amaze me. His knowledge and experienced talent would be an tremendous asset to any project!””

Mark L.
“Pete is a great guy, reliable and trust worthy. Very professional on set, knows the equipment and does a great job.”

Derrick W.
“I was very impressed with how his set was run, the tone of the set, and the final product of the film. He also shot interviews at a recent event I ran. Pete is easy to work with and a very talented filmmaker in all areas of the craft.”

Gayle G.
Pete knows how to capture the “moment.” His film placed you in the center of the environment as if you, too, could experience the snowflakes and white out on the mountain. He possesses great observation of the surroundings as he neatly packaged these visions for everyone to share as memories.”

Wilson S.
“Pete is a focused collaborator with whom I had the pleasure of working during an intense edit. Within 48 hours, we produced an award-winning documentary in which we both take pride. Pete’s passion is always on full display only coupled by his efficiency. I recommend Pete as a creative partner on any team.”

M. Disney
“Pete and I worked together on a video I made to raise money for a school for orphans in Africa. Not only did the video look great, but he’s so easy to work with, and we did get the money needed to build the school! You’re blessed to have him on your team.”

Webb P.
“Pete is highly-knowledgeable camera operator who stays well in tune with today’s ever-evolving technologies and finds ways of incorporating them into current workflows to achieve results. He demonstrated how to use 3 small battery-powered LED lights (which could fit in your pocket, minus the stands) to provide ample lighting for a simple interview. If you need a camera operator who keeps up with the cutting-edge of technology, Pete is your guy!”

Julie H.
“Pete has done a number of video projects and film work for events that I planned/coordinated. His work is always excellent, finished ahead of schedule and he works well with everyone.”

Mike W.
“If I could check all seven boxes for Pete, it would be easy. He’s a talented and versatile camera operator and cinematographer who is on the top of my list for projects. I thoroughly enjoy working with Pete and our professional relationship has developed into a personal friendship. If you hire Pete, you’ll end up respecting him, loving him and wanting to work with him again.”

Paolo C.
“Pete was a great addition to our crew providing a great service with his crane and his operating. He brought a great attitude and work ethic to the production. Highly recommend him anytime, anyplace.”

Tyler O.
“Pete is a talented Jib Operator with a skill set spanning across multiple platforms. I am looking forward to working with him again!”

Stefani S.
“Pete is a great cinematographer. He is very versatile in his work. He has a great eye .”

Mathias L.
“Pete was a creative force and a pleasure to work with on the short Connectivity. He never buckled under the pressure of the compressed time frame of this production. I highly recommend Pete for your next project.”

Jarrod W.
“Pete is really great to work with: keeps a cool composure, open to ideas, knows what he wants, and is an all around nice guy! You should hire him!!”

Josh D.
“Pete is a great technician, videographer and mentor. He showed me how a small TV studio operated. He taught me how to capture and edit video and mentored me before I went to school for film. I would recommend Pete as a reliable and trustworthy friend and mentor. He will do good work and make sure it’s right.”

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